Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my mini me?

This is not my photo, but will soon be my doll. I photoshopped my eyes (irises) into this picture because the original pic has very blue eyes... I, however, don't :D


I can't believe how much her features look like mine. She is like an idealized, doll version of me! It's pretty cool!

So, I sold a doll this morning and bought this one. I am getting her with a bare face (no makeup) and will customize her myself. I am going to make her into my mini-me. eeeep!

She is a Souldoll (Soulkid Amy) and is the same size as Tia (MSD Dollmore Kid, Miro) which is about 16.5 inches tall.

I think I will name her Acacia :)


Bye Bye ^__^

I adopted out two girls within the last 24 hours and they both are going to lovely new homes.

Petal is moving in with a couple of other Melacacia girls (yay!) on the other side of the United States :) Thanks, Karen!


And Mitten is moving to Moscow! Thanks, Tanya!


I hope to see more of them on Flickr someday soon ♥




Click the image for the whole story... We found out today that it was a stroke that my grandma had. Now my mom is just trying to figure out what happens next... She will not be going back to live in her home :(


Joanne said...

Your new girl is beautiful, Mel, just like you. <3

I'm so terribly sad reading the news about your grandmother... and unfortunately the heartbreak hits all too close to home. All my prayers and love headed that way.


Melacacia said...

Thanks so much, Joanne ♥♥♥

cayce danielle said...

Oh my gosh, Mel. I had no idea of what all was going on with you grandma until I read what you posted on flickr just now. I am so sorry! This makes me so sad, I can't imagine how you or your mom are feeling... You all are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you so much!

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