Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am going to be M.I.A. for a while because we are getting ready to move back to the coast!
It may be a few weeks before I am around, so I wish you all the best while I am away!  
I'll miss you!  ^____^

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Save BCNY Donation ~ Treasure


Lovingly created by Lynne (Happibug)

Some of you may remember Treasure from last year's Blythecon in Dallas.   She was one of the beautiful, coveted dolls that every attendee drooled over on the donation table (hopefully not literally) and I was one of those attendees.  Once I had the chance to step away from my vending table and go check out the raffle table, I saw this doll and thought to myself "I am going to win her."  I even went over to Lynne's table and told her that I was really hoping to win her doll, but at that point it was just wishful thinking.  
So the event went on in the blink of an eye and then it was time for the raffle.  All of the generous donations were being given away, one by one, to lucky Blythe lovers with the right ticket number. Then came the time to call out the lucky ticket number that was drawn for Treasure.  It's all kind of a blur after that point but if you were there, I am sure you remember how this went.  The number was called and then the next thing I remember is hearing myself scream (and continue to scream) as I ran across the room as if I had just been called to "come on down" on the Price is Right.  I was SO excited that when I got up there to collect her, I realized that I had forgotten to grab my winning ticket. I think I must have thrown it in the air when that last winning digit was called out.  So I went back to my table, found my ticket, and then I handed it over in a trade for this beautiful Happibug doll that was now mine.
She was (and is) so special.  It was like she was my good luck charm and I just knew she was meant to be with me.  I feel so very lucky that I was able to have her and call her mine. She has had so much fun in the Melacacia house this year.  She got a little hair cut, modeled some sweet dresses, played in the garden with her friends, and she even went on a trip to Disneyland with us!  I was not planning to ever let her go, but with all of the recent unfortunate events involving BCNY, I started thinking about how I could help bring some happiness and light into the situation.  I thought about last year's Blythecon and how wonderful it was and then I thought about Treasure.  What better way to give back to Blythecon than to donate the donation that brought me so much happiness...  I talked this over with Lynne and she agreed that this gesture would be like a "full circle" kind of thing that was really fitting to the situation.  All of our girls are meant to bring happiness to us, but Treasure can bring happiness and luck!  ;)
The proceeds for Treasure's adoption will go to Save Blythecon NY.  I wish that I could be there this year and I hope that whoever the lucky person is to adopt her, they will take her with them to the event, in my place :)

Thank you!


Treasure will travel with all of her original accessories, beautifully created by Lynn of Happibug:

Wooden box (her original name, Zola, is written artfully on the box.  I changed her name to Treasure because on the back of her head, along with Lynn's signature, it says "Your Treasure is where you find it" and that name just stuck  :)

Thank you, Lynne, for creating such a special girl and for the generous donation!

She will be listed today for a one-day auction ending tomorrow, Sunday Sept. 8th at 5 p.m. California time 

Save BCNY!

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