Melanie Matteoli a.k.a Melacacia
Artist, Doll Customizer, Photographer

I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2003 with a BA in Studio Art.  I feel very fortunate to be able to use my degree for something that I truly enjoy doing.  I love creating!  In (too) many forms!  :)
Illustrating, painting, digital art, photography, doll customizing, sewing, designing, homesteading, potion making, forest wandering, gardening, and cooking are just a few of the things that I enjoy doing  :P
I have been customizing Blythe dolls since 2007 and drawing since I was a child.
I have created over 200 custom dolls and I am honored to have my creations in private collections all around the world.  My dolls have been featured in magazines, books as well as shown in art galleries in Australia, USA, and in Tokyo, Japan.
Thank you for your ongoing support in my work!

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