Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Ingrid ^__^


This sweetheart is my newest addition, Ingrid. I made her out of a bunch of random doll parts that I pieced together. Two different SBL plates (both slightly damaged, poor baby), an EBL eye mech (also a little bit damaged), a PN body, and a beautiful two toned alpaca scalp.

Ingrid is named after the incredible singer/songwriter, Ingrid Michaelson, because she was inspired by her song "Be OK" with all of her "broken parts" ;)

I did the following work on her:

Fully sanded
Carved mouth and nose
All new makeup applied in natural tones and sealed with MSC
4 new sets of my Melacacia hand painted eye chips
Alpaca rerooted scalp that I commissioned Piparrot to do for me (Thanks, Pip!)
I painted her eye lids to say "BE OK" to represent the song ;)

Here is the song:

Ingrid is happy to "be OK" now ^__^ and happy to meet you all!






Thanks for looking ^__^


Unknown said...

omg heh ;3 she is sooo amazing! x

Alisa W. said...

Hello, Ingrid. Love ya. xxx

Nice said...

I love this song and think... this name is perfect for her!!! She is very beautiful! <3

Anatine said...


Alicia said...

oh my goodness, she's so cute! I found this because Ingrid Michelson posted it to her Facebook, actually. ;) great work on the lovely little Ingrid.

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