Saturday, March 13, 2010

Melacacia Announcement

Spring is almost here!


I am over my head in commissions right now. I have been thinking about it all day today and realize that I need to change the way I accept new commissions. I will have to make a schedule and only take in a certain number of commissions per month. I have been telling people that I would be able to take on more in the spring, but that is next week and I have 7 dolls that I am working on right now! aaaaah! So, I am putting new commissions on hold for a while longer and I hope people understand.
If we are in the process already, then don't worry, but if you are unsure, then feel free to contact me. I so appreciate all of the support in my work and want people to know that I am very grateful.. But I am just one person and I need to be realistic :)

Thanks so much!

My current side project:


My little Rory, enjoying the view this morning:


I hope everyone is happy and well!


moma10 said...

I can't wait until your commission list opens up. I will be first in line. Your work is fabulous!

Mishigoss said...

So ... should I NOT contact you in May as discussed? Looks like you're booked for quite a while after that!

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