Thursday, September 13, 2018

Introducing Blake!

Introducing Blake! 

Base Doll: RBL Pretty Peony (bought brand new directly from Junie Moon)

Work Done:

Extensive carving of the mouth, philtrum, and nose. I carved the mouth open and added little teeth inside.  I sculpted the teeth out of clay and glazed them.  
All new face up and eyelids created with the highest quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and airbrush acrylics.  
She is sealed w/ multiple coats of MSC uv-cut matte.  Back plate signed and dated.
All new eyechips:  Melacacia hand painted.  New lashes.
Eye mech was altered for a corrected gaze and sleepy eyes.  Custom pull strings and beads.
She can come on her original Takara body or Licca Body as shown in photos.  Please let me know which you'd prefer at the end of her auction.  :)

Original Pretty Peony scalp, washed and cut into this cute bob  :)

She will travel in a Melacacia dress and will also include the original Pretty Peony accessories.

Thanks for looking!

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