Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8th

April 8th, originally uploaded by Meℓacacia.

Today is a very special day for me. For it is the day that both of my children came into my life, one year apart.
After trying for 5 years to conceive without success, we began the process of adoption 7 years ago. When we were denied by Taiwan because of our young age, we made plans to adopt from Ethiopia later that year instead.
Then we received a phone call from our adoption agency on April 8th, 2005. A baby girl was born at our local hospital and the birthmom wanted to meet us. Within two hours of that phone call, we were holding our new daughter in our arms. She was less than a day old and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
A few months later another miracle occurred, I found out that I was pregnant. Exactly one year after our daughter came into our lives, our son was born.
I am the most blessed mother in the world and this date will forever hold a special place in my heart ♥
Today is MY mother's day :)


theblackcatpt said...

What a wonderful story! <3
Many congratulations and happy b'day to your babies!

rosessimone said...

That is a wonderful story. Congratulations on your beautiful and obviously well valued family.

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