Sunday, February 1, 2009


Prima Dolly Cassis

I got her in a trade from a really nice girl and I thought that I always wanted a Cassis, but for some reason I just don't feel a bond with her.... She is a beautiful doll and I am torn as to what I should do with her.....

My options are:

Sell her the way she is on TIB
Trade her
Customize her completely and list her on Ebay
Keep her

I feel a little bit timid about customizing her any more than I already have, just because she is one of the more expensive dolls...

aaaah!!! What to do....


Her scalp has been reapplied beautifully now... She really is a pretty doll...


When I got her, she was in stock condition except her scalp had been removed and cut cleanly (flanges removed) to fit onto an EBL head.

I sand matted her but kept her makeup
boggled her eyelids and gave her sleepy eyes
I reapplied the scalp, leaving the back unglued in case anyone wanted to open her head again.. She looks perfect! Yeay!

She came with her original box but no stock items

Body is in perfect condition

Cassis Dolls on Ebay

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