Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flickr issued me a warning!??

The dolls are scared of losing our account again, so they are in hiding....

I received a warning!

The good news is, my account wasn't deleted without warning this time. The bad news is, I did receive a warning and my account has, again, been threatened.

So I would like to make it clear, just in case it is unclear, that my Flickr account is solely for the purpose of sharing photos of things I love to create and love to look at... I am not using Flickr to sell things and I do not post links to anything that I do sell.

I am really looking forward to the day when we all move to a better site where we can post freely and not be treated like a bunch of criminals for posting pictures and sharing them!

1 comment:

Cara said...

Oh no Mel! Why would anyone keep doing this to you? Darn Flickr -so glad though they did not just delete you again. So sad that this keeps happening.

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