Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mathilda ~ Melacacia OOAK Custom Blythe #94

While sifting through old items in the attic of your great grandmother's turn of the century home, you hear a thump in the corner of the room.
As you get up, you hear it again and follow the sound to a small wooden box sitting on top of an antique dresser.
Brushing away the cobwebs and dust, you see an image of a doll affixed to the top of the box with the name Mathilda above it.
Mathilda, that was your great grandmother's name.
With trembling fingers, you open the box slowly, as if in a trance.
Instantly struck by her human-like beauty, you see a magnifinent doll who appears to be sleeping in her cozy little box.
You pick her up gently and her eyes blink open. She looks at you and you can not stop staring into her eyes, it's as if she can see into your soul.
Have we met before in a dream? you wonder... Holding her close to your heart, as your great grandmother once did, you know this doll will once again be treasured.

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