Monday, August 22, 2011

Mathilda ~ a little bit of history ;)

In this photo, the focal point is of course, the box.. As that is what the photograph is about.. However I thought I would point out a couple of details just for fun :)

This doll, Mathilda, was named after my great grandmother, Mathilda.. And she is the woman in the photograph on the left.
Her daughter, Lorraine (my grandmother) was my inspiration for the dress style which some of you may already know as my "Lorriane dresses" and that is the dress that I made for Mathilda (the doll)...
The medium format camera in this photo belonged to my grandmother Lorraine. She passed away less than a year ago and is dearly missed. She, like my mother, my sister, and myself, was an artist..... She was also a very intelligent and strong willed woman.. I can find much inspiration when I think of her and I did when I created this doll, Mathilda.
I just wanted to share, as I realize that no one would know the significance of this photograph (or this doll) unless I pointed it out ;)

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