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A little bit about my dresses:

Melacacia dresses are each made using a pattern that I created in 2009, known as my "Angel Dress". It is a simple, organic, and romantic dress made of 100% cotton. Many of my Angel Dresses are hand dyed in small batches and then sun dried giving them a beautiful and unique quality that is instantly recognizable.

I thoroughly enjoy this process of sewing, hand dying and experimenting with colors. This also allows my hand dyed dresses to be considered limited because no two dye baths are ever the same :)

I have many variations of my Angel Dresses with accents of high quality 100% Japanese Silk to compliment the lovely cotton fabric that these dresses are made with. ♥

I hope you and your dollies like my creations! Thank you for stopping by!

Melacacia's Etsy Shop:

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