Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Pics

I have had fun photographing Isabella this week. So, here are a few new pics that are not shown on her listing ^__^
More info can be found on the post below ^__^ Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!


Sandra said...

es preciosa BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

elhayedoencantado said...

Hi Mel.
I write from Spain, specifically in Castellón (Comunidad Valenciana, Costa Azahar)
I wanted to tell you that your work is amazing, really art. I love seeing the customs you do with Blythe, and thanks to you, I have such fond wrists. Today I have collected BJD, but since I've seen your work, I'm really excited and I can only say that I sincerely admire
I wish I could buy the blythe eye chips but do not know how to buy it.
Please can you tell me?
Sorry my English is very bad, and helps me google translator.
From Spain, gets a warm embrace.
I follow you forever.

Waż Kaa said...

Im so shocked. You are pretty talented.
I love dolls (especially blythe and dal) but i can't have my own one. I want to thank you for your job, because you are showing me not only a beautyful dolls. You are showing me art. Everyday. And im like "whatever" that im not having any doll (i can't have any, my dreams will never came true so i just have to accepted this), becouse i "have" your blog and this gave me some kind of touch with doll world.
Thank you for your work one more time.
xoxo from Poland

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