Monday, May 25, 2015

Natassa ~ Melacacia custom iMda Natassa

Melacacia Custom 5.2 Natassa

-Natassa Doll ~ Customized by Melacacia
-Dark Mohair Wig
-Blue Eyes
-Melacacia Dress and Bloomers for 5.2 iMda girls (made just for this girl :)
-Original Soom box and certificate

This doll is the same size as Agatha.  I have had 3 Agatha dolls and this Natassa is much easier to pose.  She has natural skin tone and has light body blushing.

She fits into Blythe size Hats like the Tutubella and Mimsy hats shown (Hats in photos not included)

*Her original zipper pouch came with a dysfunctional zipper, so I will pack her in it bound securely with lace/string.

Her basic measurements:
Height ~ 20"
Wig/Head size ~ 10"
Eye Size 18 mm

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