Custom Eye Chips

Hand Painted Eye Chips

I began painting eye chips for my custom dolls in 2007/08. And what started out as an experiment became much much more :)

I now have four different styles (and about a hundred colors) of hand painted eye chips and they can be found in Blythe dolls all over the world! :)

Melacacia Signature Eye Chips:
These are my most recognizable "Melacacia Eye Chips" with the gold ring around the pupil.

Melacacia Blue

Melacacia Medium Blue

Melacacia Green (AKA Teagan Green)

Melacacia Faery Dust Eye Chips:
My "Faery Dust" chips are simpler, yet magical. Of all of my eye chip styles, these give off the best shimmery glow effect :)

Faery Dust Black:

Faery Dust Brown:

Faery Dust Plum:

Melacacia Human Eye Chips:
My "Human" eye chips are made to look more realistic. I blend multiple colors and paint them in a way that mimics our own human eyes. They are more complex and make the doll look very much alive.

Deep Blue and Honey Brown:

Pink, Teal, Melacacia Human Blue, and Brown:

Melacacia Marble Eye Chips:
My "Marble" chips are similar to the Human chips in that they are made by blending multiple colors. Yet, they are blended more smoothly and in a circular motion rather than in lines. These are the hardest for me to reproduce because each pair is so unique.

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